Installation of robotic sterile finished product clinical trial manufacturing capability

Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals (PPP) is building a production facility to produce small volumes of sterile vial fill product for Phase II and Phase III Human clinical trials at a reasonable cost.

PPP currently supports manufacture of clinical trial products for Australian biotech companies and medical research institutes. Whilst PPP can manufacture non-sterile products for Phase I, II and III, they are limited to Phase I for sterile products.

This project will develop a fully robotic, sterile vial-filling line to manufacture sterile Phase II and III products, which would then be available to SME’s to manufacture product on-shore, at a reasonable cost, for clinical trials, or small production volumes.

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Consortium leadPharmaceutical Packaging Professionals (PPP)
Consortium membersClinical network services
MTPConnect grant$500,000
Industry contribution$1,440,416
Project durationFebruary 2018 - June 2019
ContactCraig Rogers, Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals -