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The Bionics Institute is an independent medical research institute, undertaking world-class medical bionics research, focused particularly on implantable medical devices.

The Institute have a long history of excellence in hearing research having been founded by Prof Graeme Clark (inventor of the cochlear implant).

Our focus has expanded to include development of retinal prosthetics for vision impairment, novel hearing therapeutics and electroceutical stimulation products for treatment or management of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, stroke and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Medical bionics is where biology, medicine and engineering intersect. 

It demands people with an innovative and pioneering approach. 

We bring together multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled scientists, engineers and clinicians who are passionate about making a difference with an aim of improving the lives of people with chronic, debilitating conditions.

Listen to the MTPConnect Podcast to hear from Bionics Institute's CEO Robert Klupacs shares his experiences and provides tips on how to take advantage of the conference. 

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Twitter: BionicsInst & @robertklupacs

LinkedIn: Bionics Institute

Contact: Robert Klupacs, CEO