Cerebral Palsy Alliance & The University of Sydney

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance established in 1945, was the first organisation of its type in the world for people with cerebral palsy; and, currently is the largest New South Wales provider of disability services to children and adults with cerebral palsy and others with significant physical and multiple disabilities.

In addition to providing high quality and innovative therapy and care services for families and individuals across a range of other disabilities, we are also passionate about engineering technology innovation to solve problems of real clinical need.

Our Research Institute which funds Australian and international research to find a prevention and cure for cerebral palsy; and, our Remarkable Accelerator Program that supports new technology start-ups by fast-tracking their development of life-changing technology solutions for people with a disability are both aimed at our goal of: harnessing advancing technology and innovation to accelerate the search for new and improved treatments and interventions for childhood disabilities and illnesses.

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Contact: Alistair McEwan, Ainsworth Chair of Technology and Innovation ResearchInstitute@cerebralpalsy.org.au