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The BridgeTech Program is a national professional development program that trains researchers and entrepreneurs on how to effectively navigate the commercialisation pathway of new medical technologies and devices.

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Twitter: @BridgeTech_ & @Lyn_Griffiths_

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Contact: Professor Lyn Griffiths, Program Director & Executive Director of Insititute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (QUT)

Pictured: L-R Edward Buijs (Pitchtech Winner), Paul Carboon (BridgeTech Consortium Partner, Solentropy), Robert Johnston (Pitchtech Winner), Lyn Griffiths (BridgeTech Program Director) & Alan Robertson (Pitchtech Winner), at the BridgeTech Symposium 2019 for the announcement of the three Pitchtech winners.

2019 BridgeTech Program pitch winners

ClearSKY Genomics - represented by Alan Robertson

ClearSKY Genomics helps people understand, engage and utilise the information in their genome. 

We work with clinicians to help them find meaning in a patient’s genetic data, but more importantly, we’re committed to empowering patients by allowing them to explore their genomic information. Our mission is to make understanding your genetic information as simple, and as easy as looking at an x-ray.

Visit ClearSky Genomics for more information.

Twitter: @ClearSkyGenomes

Ventora Medical - represented by Edward Buijs

Born in 2018, Ventora Medical is a Melbourne-based medical device company with a vision to address the clinical need of helping premature babies breathe with proactive respiratory support treatment. We are developing a device which will enable accurate, real-time monitoring of the air pressure inside the lungs of infants without adding any invasiveness to the current treatment.

LinkedIn: Ventora Medical

    SWADE medtech - represented by Sarah Fink

    SWADE Medtech is an Australian-based medical technology company focused on addressing overlooked global clinical needs. We are presently developing a novel solution to nasogastric tube misplacement.

      LinkedIn: Swade medtech

      OthoDx - represented by Robert Johnson

      OrthoDx is a Queensland based start up company run by medical doctors, that aims to create new diagnostic tests to differentiate infective from inflammatory disease states. It was born out of the frustration of clinicians in both accurately diagnosing joint infections but also determining the need for repeated surgical washouts. Both over or under treating creates a significant cost and personal burden resulting in significant need to accurate diagnose and optimise the management of joint infections. OrthoDx is currently developing a test to significantly improve on the speed and accuracy of current diagnostics. After developing a bio marker signature for using in differentiating joint infections from inflammatory mimics the company will look to expand into other clinical specialties.