There are a number of services available to the MTP sector to assist with growing successful businesses.

Support from an IP, legal and regulatory perspective is readily available, while Australia is also at the forefront of clinical and research infrastructure. Moving along the continuum of product commercialisation, experts in market accessibility can be called upon, while communications professionals offer the perfect solutions for creating compelling investment propositions, brand building and spreading your good news.

Australia’s MTP sector is a vibrant one, and we have all the ancillary services required to take it to the next level. Here you’ll find some links to some valuable services to get you on your way.

Featured Content

27 Jan 2017 /  

Nanosonics cleans up infection control

Australian company Nanosonics developed the proprietary trophon® EPR for fast, automated high level disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes.

21 Sep 2016 /  

Amgen rates Australia a top location for medical studies

Amgen Australia conducts on average two ‘first in human’ studies every year, with almost half of their clinical trial research being early phase.

20 Sep 2016 /  

State-of-the-art design lab attracts international investment

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) translates basic research into clinical trials to deliver new drug treatments, partnering with a number of international pharmaceutical companies for global reach.

31 Aug 2016 /  

Australian R&D organisations seeking Korean manufacturers for commercial partnership

Ms Sue MacLeman, Managing Director and CEO MTPConnect will present on Australia's medtech capabilities and competitive advantages at a medtech Showcase in Seoul.

29 Aug 2016 /  

MTPConnect appoints executive team to kickstart growth remit

MTPConnect is delighted to announce the appointment of three General Managers.

10 Aug 2016 /  

Education key to sector growth: MTPConnect signs MoU with ARCS

Wednesday, 10 August 2016, Canberra, Australia--MTPConnect and ARCS Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to work closely together for the benefit of the MedTech, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.