Biomedical Translation Bridge Program

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5 Projects Funded in Round 3

Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd, VIC (ASX listed), is developing a new treatment for respiratory complications as a result of COVID-19 in a global clinical study with a potential fast track pathway to clinical practice.

SpeeDx Pty Ltd, NSW is developing the InSignia(TM) Respiratory Virus Host Response test – a rapid-response COVID-19 assay to enhance Australia’s current and future pandemic preparedness.

Starpharma Pty Ltd, VIC (ASX listed), is developing an intranasal spray, utilising an already-marketed, broad-spectrum antiviral dendrimer for COVID-19 and potential use in future pandemics.

University of Melbourne, VIC is developing a novel ventilated hood for patient isolation to provide better patient respiratory treatment and protect hospital staff from COVID-19.

Vaxine Pty Ltd, SA is developing an Australian COVID-19 vaccine, COVAX-19®, which comprises of a recombinant spike protein antigen formulated with Vaxine’s proprietary Advax™ adjuvant.

8 Projects Funded in Round 2

Bard1 Life Sciences Limited, VIC (ASX listed), is developing a novel high-throughput SubB2M-based liquid biopsy tests for breast cancer screening and monitoring based on a unique cancer-specific probe.

Cincera Therapeutics Pty Ltd, VIC/SA is developing a new drug treatment for Metabolic and Fibrotic Disease.

Envision Sciences Pty Ltd, SA is developing diagnosis and prognostic detection methods for prostate cancer, using blood and tissue samples.

LBT Innovations Limited, SA (ASX listed), is developing APAS®-AMR: An Automated Plate Assessment System for Anti-Microbial Resistance using Artificial Intelligence.

Pharmaxis Ltd, NSW (ASX listed), is developing compound PXS-4699 with tailored dual action  to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The University of Adelaide, SA is developing a world-first needle-free Zika virus vaccine.

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, VIC is developing a device for guiding therapy in ataxia and imbalance.

UniQuest Pty Ltd, QLD, is developing first-in-class drug candidates for the treatment of prostate and other cancers. 

About the BTB Program

The Biomedical Translation Bridge program is an initiative of the Medical Research Future Fund, providing up to $1 million in matching funding to nurture the translation of new therapies, technologies and medical devices through to the proof of concept stage.

The BTB program is operated by MTPConnect, in partnership with BioCurate (University of Melbourne and Monash University), UniQuest (University of Queensland through its drug discovery initiative QEDDI), the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP, led by Flinders University), and the Bridge and BridgeTech programs (Queensland University of Technology); all pre-eminent organisations engaged in the translation and commercialisation of health and medical research.

Contact Director of BTB Danielle Shand for more information.

Use the menu to the right to find out more about the BTB projects funded as part of MTPConnect delivered grant programs by the Department of Health (DOH).


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