Amgen rates Australia a top location for medical studies

Amgen is one of the world’s largest biotech companies, based in the United States, and has been conducting clinical trials in Australia for over 25 years.

Amgen Australia conducts on average two ‘first in human’ studies every year, with almost half of their clinical trial research being early phase. Their higher than average investment in local R&D – approximately A$35 million, or 15% of sales – shows their commitment to and appreciation of Australia’s high standard of medical practice. In 2015, Amgen Australia conducted 62 studies at 347 sites, with 1,645 patients across Australia and New Zealand.

Influential in development of the company’s products, Amgen Australia contributes 7-10 percent of their worldwide clinical trial patients to the research pool. By partnering with local research institutes and investigators, Amgen have been able to benefit from Australia’s outstanding talent and medical research infrastructure.

Amgen pioneered the use of human proteins as therapeutic agents to treat serious illnesses such as cancer, inflammation and kidney disease; and its scientists have combined biotechnology with chemistry and cellular and molecular biology to develop treatments. As a result, the company is an expert in multiple treatment modalities – large-molecule proteins, small molecules and antibodies – allowing it to choose the best modality to treat a disease.