CTCM Round One Funding

CTCM Round 1 Funded Projects

CTCM Projects Round 1 Funding Awarded to:

  • ARIA Research Pty Ltd, NSW, $1,500,000 award for ARIA Non-Invasive Bionic Vision System Clinical Trial and Pilot
  • LBT Innovations Ltd, SA, (ASX Listed) $1,500,000 award for APAS Compact – Development of a desktop device for automated microbiology culture plate reading and reporting
  • Navi Medical Technologies Pty Ltd, VIC, $1,239,187 award for Safer care for critically ill children: clinical translation of a new medical device to place and monitor paediatric central vascular catheters
  • OncoRes Medical, WA, $1,500,000 award for the commercialisation of a diagnostic imaging system for cancer surgery

For any queries, please contact the CTCM team via email:  ctcm@mtpconnect.org.au