Company Reports

MTPConnect compiles a range of company reports, which provide an insight into our activities, funded projects and forward-looking sector trends.

FY2023 Annual Report 

In eight years of operation, MTPConnect has firmly established itself as Australia’s life sciences innovation accelerator and the team’s work during FY2023 has further contributed to outstanding outcomes for the growth of the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.

Medical science is a priority for the Australian Government for driving economic transformation and MTPConnect now sits at the centre of this critical knowledge intensive sector - supporting researchers, start-ups and SMEs to turn their discoveries into home-grown and life-saving new medical products.

MTPConnect has injected $153 million into the sector, supporting 196 innovation projects across Australia. Its investment has leveraged more than $1 billion in additional industry contributions and flow-on external investment, allowing SMEs to scale-up and create new jobs.

Across all its programs and initiatives, the overall economic impact of MTPConnect’s activities shows a total attributable return of ~$6.5 billion.

A focus on research commercialisation lies at the heart of our accelerator initiatives and across all our accelerator programs we’ve seen 1,585 new technologies invented or progressed, 300 new projects launched and over 740,000 patients treated.

MTPConnect’s work shows what can be achieved by backing start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs to bring new medical products from research labs to the market.

Our highly successful workforce skills program, the REDI initiative, is delivering on management and workforce training, providing industry experiences and skills development in critical growth areas such as mRNA manufacturing. In all, we supported 46 training and skills programs with 7,395 participants, awarded 50 industry fellowships in Australia and internationally and delivered over 500 events engaging with over 15,000 people throughout the sector.

MTPConnect’s nation-wide team brings experiences in industry across medtech, biotech and pharma, clinical research, technology transfer, venture capital, clinical trials and Defence and National Security. With staff in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane we’re continuing to deliver one-on-one engagement with SMEs as well as deliver sector events, seminars, roundtables and training. In the past eight years the group has advised 283 consortia on their grant applications, resulting in 89 successful grants worth over $384 million to the life sciences sector.

Recognising that Australian companies need to develop their products for global markets, MTPConnect has successfully engaged with international markets to promote the strengths and capabilities of Australian SMEs and our clinical trials expertise, leading delegations to the MedTech Conference in Boston and more recently Los Angeles, and supported biotech delegations to Korea, Japan and the 2023 BIO International Convention in Boston.

With a solid track record of success as Australia’s life sciences innovation accelerator, and strong relationships with government and industry stakeholders, we continue to explore options for future growth so we can maintain our central role in helping expand Australia’s medical products sector.




FY2022 Business Plan

The FY2022 Business Plan from MTP-IIGC Ltd (trading name MTPConnect) is a contracted deliverable to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER).

Focusing on the four objectives of the Industry Growth Centre (IGC) Initiative - increasing Collaboration and Commercialisation, improving Management and Workforce Skills, optimising the Regulatory and Policy Environment and improving access to Global Supply Chains and Markets - MTPConnect forges stronger connections between research and industry and maximises opportunities for Australians to make scientific and technological breakthroughs that are successfully translated and commercialised.

In this way, we are building a more resilient and competitive medical products manufacturing sector.