BioMedTech Horizons Program

Delivered by MTPConnect, the Australian Government's $45 million BioMedTech Horizons program (BMTH), is a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) initiative to support innovative collaborative health technologies, drive discoveries towards proof-of-concept and commercialisation that address key health challenges as well as maximise entrepreneurship and idea potential.  

Across four funding rounds, the BMTH program currently funds 49 projects and investments from the program are focused on supporting proof-of-concept to commercial development of biomedical and medical technologies.

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First Projects to Complete BioMedTech Horizons Program Deliver Outstanding Research and Commercial Outcomes

Through a series of case studies, a new impact report has been launched highlighting the progress of the first cohort of projects to complete the BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) program. The first round – BMTH1 - opened in 2017 and focused on precision medicine and 3D anatomical printing. 

Of the 11 projects identified and funded as part of BMTH1, nine successfully completed their program of works, advancing their devices toward research and commercialisation objectives.

The BMTH program has a focus on commercial outcomes, supporting projects to reach the proof-of-concept stage and beyond so they are attractive for private capital or third-party investment. By this measure, the projects funded through BMTH1 have been an outstanding success with 72 commercial outcomes realised and 58 new jobs created.

View the BMTH1 Impact Report

BMTH Round 4 recipients:

In September 2021, MTPConnect and the Minister for Health and Aged Care, The Hon. Greg Hunt MP, recently announced $4 million in Round 4 funding for five highly promising medical technology projects across Australia. Round 4 focused predominantly on the development of pre-commercial prototypes that are entering human clinical trials.

  • Aria Research Pty Ltd (NSW) $800,000 – Developing a non-invasive bionic vision wearable development prototype for blind and vision impaired
  • ResusRight Pty Ltd (NSW) $800,000 – Development of the ‘Juno’, a novel ventilation monitoring system for neonatal resuscitation
  • Seer Medical (VIC) $800,000 – Developing ‘Sense Cardiac’, a cloud enabled wearable cardiac monitor for at-home use
  • VitalTrace Pty Ltd (WA) $800,000 – Development of a precision real-time fetal biosensor for the prevention of stillbirth and fetal complications during childbirth
  • 3DMorphic Pty Ltd (NSW) $800,000 – Personalised spinal surgery for Australians; a clinical trial of 3DMorphic’s advanced manufactured patient-specific spinal fusion devices.

In May 2022, MTPConnect announced nearly $900,000 in Round 4 funding for three important medical technology projects in Victoria and Western Australia.

  • Atmo Biosciences Pty Ltd (VIC) $343,310 – Further development of the ‘Atmo Gas Capsule’ through clinical trials for better diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. The company was also awarded funding in Round 3 of the BMTH program.
  • Cortical Dynamics Ltd (WA) $137,000 – Further development of the ‘Brain Anaethesia Response Monitor’ (BARM) to optimise patient experience under anaesthesia and to implement brain data monitoring and feedback.
  • Proteomics International (ASX: PIQ) (WA) $413,516 – Further development of the patented PromarkerD test, which predicts diabetic kidney disease (DKD), and establishing an onshore manufacturing capability.

All BMTH awardees from Rounds 1-4 are listed on the menu to the right of this page.


BMTH Case Studies: