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Project title: Safer care for critically-ill children: clinical translation of a new medical device to place and monitor paediatric central vascular catheters

Tens of thousands of central venous catheters are inserted into the veins of newborns in Australian ICU settings every year for essential intravascular access and delivery of life-saving therapies - with many more required for older children.

Correct catheter tip positioning is vital to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening complications. Catheter insertion is currently performed 'with no real-time navigation', resulting in low success rates on post-procedure X-ray. As many as 50 per cent of catheters end up in sub-optimal locations after placement or move within a week, exposing patients to potentially dangerous complications.

Navi is developing the Neonav® ECG Tip Location System ('Neonav') to improve the standard-of-care for critically-ill children by providing clinicians fast, easy-to-use, real-time confirmation of catheter tip location during its insertion to increase the number of 'first-time-right' central vascular catheter placement procedures, and confirm that the tip remains in a safe position for continued use post-procedure. The Neonav will improve quality-of-care by reducing procedure time and ionising radiation exposure, improve clinical decision-making by identifying catheter migration to avoid complications, and provide significant cost-savings to hospitals.

This clinical stage project, through the CTCM grant, will achieve a critical step in delivering the world's first ECG tip location system designed for paediatric patients by completing device development, manufacture, and a pilot clinical translation trial. The CTCM grant will be instrumental for the Neonav's successful technology translation and commercialisation which has a global market and improve the standard of care for newborns and children.

CTCM Project Round: One

State: VIC

Project Partner: The Royal Women's Hospital


  • CTCM Grant: $1,239,187
  • Industry Contribution: $894,241
Duration: October 2022 - November 2024

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