Fighting Superbugs: A Report on the Inaugural Meeting of Australia's Antimicrobial Resistance Stakeholders

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Antimicrobial resistance or AMR is drug resistance. It occurs when microbes such as bacteria become resistant to drugs which once killed them. 

They are evolving faster than researchers can invent new drugs, turning into untreatable ‘superbugs’. The need for new treatments is serious and urgent.

In November 2019, MTPConnect convened a multi-disciplinary workshop to bring together key stakeholders from the health and medical research sector, the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, government and regulators to assess the challenges and see what could be achieved. 

‘Fighting Superbugs: A Report on the Inaugural Meeting of Australia’s Antimicrobial Resistance Stakeholders’, prepared by MTPConnect in partnership with Biointelect, details those discussions and makes a series of recommendations for new and improved approaches to addressing drug resistance.

In September 2020, MTPConnect announced the formation of an Australian-first network bringing together key stakeholders to address the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on human health. The Australian Antimicrobial Resistance network - AAMRNet – has been established following recommendations made in this report.

Efforts to enhance Australian collaboration on AMR are underway.