Skills Gaps Addressed by the REDI Initiative

REDI Courses 2023 

MTPConnect’s Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative, made possible by the Medical Research Future Fund, brochure has upcoming courses and dates.  Take a look for further information on the skills gaps addressed.  

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Skills gaps themes being addressed by the REDI initiative

The following skills gaps themes were identified in the REDI Skills Gaps Analysis Reports.

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Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain 

Skills in this area relate to the manufacturing, operations and logistics of MTP sector products such as high-value therapeutics, medical devices and digital health products. Examples of skills in this area include process engineering, expertise in developing and maintaining commercial scale cell lines and operating high-tech production equipment.

Business Operations

There are approximately 1,300 businesses within the sector.  These businesses require a range of day-to-day business operations skills to support growth. Examples of skills in this area include project management, ability to write effective business plans and ability to comprehend financial statements.

Clinical Trials

Skills in this area relate to the creation and execution of clinical trials for therapeutics and medical devices in Australia. Examples of skills in this area include ability to design clinical trials in-line with regulatory and reimbursement requirements, ability to accurately collect trial data and communicate with investigators.

Health Data and Cyber Security

Skills in this area relate to the use of digital technologies and data to develop better medical devices, services and therapeutics for Australian consumers and patients. Examples of skills in this area include ability to design and use artificial intelligence, expertise in big data and analytics and cybersecurity skills.

Health Economics and Regulatory Affairs

Skills in this area relate to a detailed understanding of regulatory and reimbursement processes required to bring a MTP product or service successfully to market. Examples of skills in this area include expertise in health economics modelling for reimbursement submissions and knowledge of regulatory requirements in Australia and key global markets such as the USA.

Product Development & Commercialisation Skills

Skills required for successful product development and commercialisation are well-known to the sector. These include the ability to identify unmet market need, secure investment/funding from public and/or private funders and first-hand experience in taking MTP products and services to market.

Specialist and Technical Skills

The MTP sector is highly specialised and is underpinned by a range of specialist and technical skills. Examples of skills in this area include expertise in bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology.

Industry Fellowships/Internships 

Skills gaps are sometimes best closed by experience.  Fellowships and Internships provide experience in a way training may not and is relevant at all levels of industry. To fill these gaps targeted short, medium and long-term industry placements, internships and fellowships will enable high-performing individuals to gain industry experience. Examples of these placements will focus on discovery, translation and commercialisation of relevant research.

Industry Mentoring

Mentoring can help close the skills gap by having leaders pass on knowledge to mentees, build valuable bonds and encourage professional development.  Graduate students can engage with industry mentors to expand their understanding of research and development, commercial activities and learn about the different career opportunities in the MTP sector. Students also extend their professional network broadly across the MTP sector.