CTCM Round Two Funding

CTCM Round 2 Funded Projects

CTCM Projects Round 2 Funding Awarded to:

  • 4DMedical Limited, (ASX:4DX), VIC, $1,100,000 award for the development of 4DMedical XV-Perfusion: A Contrast-free, Perfusion-enabled 4D lung scanner
  • CathRx Ltd, NSW, $1,500,000 award for the development of the CathRx Pulsed Field Ablation System for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
  • Medical Developments International Limited, (ASX:MVP), VIC, $1,500,000 award for the development of Medical Developments International Next Generation, Self-contained Rapid-release Penthrox Inhaler for safe, effective acute pain relief
  • Rex Ortho Pty Ltd, WA, $500,000 award for the translation of the Rex Screw – A Novel, Expandable Screw to Improve Surgical Outcomes for Hip Fracture Patients Without Compromising Removability or Surgical Workflow
  • Ventora Medical Pty Ltd, VIC, $500,000 award for the Development and Clinical Translation of a Neonatal Airway Pressure Monitor
  • VitalTrace Pty Ltd, WA, $656,666 award for Clinical translation of a VitalTrace novel continuous lactate biosensor for fetal monitoring
  • Vivid White Pty Ltd, VIC, $1,000,000 award to Conduct the Clinical Study, Manufacturing and Registration of a Medical Device to Treat Glaucoma and Prevent Blindness.

For any queries, please contact the CTCM team via email: ctcm@mtpconnect.org.au