National Action Plan to Build Australia’s Diagnostic Technology Sector and Improve Health Security

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MTPConnect and Pathology Technology Australia (PTA) have released an Action Plan for establishing an end-to-end sovereign manufacturing capability for diagnostic products in Australia and strengthening supply chain resilience.

The Action Plan makes a range of practical recommendations to achieve the goal of a flourishing sovereign diagnostics manufacturing ecosystem and is the culmination of extensive consultation with more than 140 stakeholders across the country and direct contributions from those at the frontline.

The plan prepared with PTA and supported by HTANALSYST capitalises on the local industry’s existing strengths, while prioritising innovation, boosting expertise and reducing investment risk.

It outlines a framework for enhancing the diagnostic infrastructure, supporting commercialisation of new innovations, improving access to testing, and strengthening the regulatory framework for diagnostic products and services.

With the implementation of these practical initiatives to build a resilient domestic diagnostics sector, we can not only help to protect the health of Australians but also foster the growth of dynamic, globally significant companies, create new high-paying jobs and spur economic growth in a field where Australia has already shown its competitiveness.

Key recommendations from the report, Diagnostic Technology Sovereign Capability & Resilience: A National Action Plan, include:

  • establish a National Diagnostics Development Centre and Diagnostics Manufacturing Fund to support the commercialisation and in-country manufacture of diagnostic products
  • establish a Diagnostics Advisory Council that informs government and supports industry
  • build a coordinated Nationwide Diagnostics Policy across states and territories
  • implement sustainable Procurement Practices to harness federal, state and territory government purchasing power and prioritise local diagnostic products and stimulate domestic manufacturing.

Download Action Plan  Download Interim Report