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Project title: XV-Perfusion: A contrast-free, perfusion-enabled 4D lung scanner

Seven million Australians are among the one billion people worldwide living with lung conditions. Lung diagnostic techniques currently have limitations, which include being relatively insensitive for early diagnosis of lung disease, and ineffective for monitoring disease progression and treatment response. The hallmarks of lung conditions are alterations in lung structure and function (i.e. ventilation (airflow) and perfusion (blood flow)). Consequently, for many lung conditions, patients experience delays to diagnosis, underdiagnosis and misdiagnosis, which have a large impact on health outcomes including quality and length of life and health care efficiency.

Funding through the Clinical Translation and Commercialisation (CTCM) initiative powered by MTPConnect will allow for the expansion of 4DMedical Limited’s dedicated lung ventilation analysis scanner to provide a dramatically more comprehensive level of clinical insight through the upgraded functionality of respiratory blood flow perfusion analysis. 4DMedical will extend its product line to meet the growing demand for improved lung diagnostics. Specifically, we will strengthen our position as a leader in non-invasive lung diagnostics by adapting the XV Scanner capabilities to include perfusion (the XV-Perfusion scanner).

Combining both functional components of airflow and blood flow into a single lung diagnostic test without the need for contrast, represents an opportunity for dramatic advancement in lung healthcare. This gives rise to the ideal test for phenotyping, early detection and evaluation of specific treatment responses for high-impact lung diseases such as COPD, Pulmonary Hypertension and Pulmonary Embolism.

The dedicated XV-Perfusion scanner, combining ventilation and perfusion analysis, will provide greater clinical insights combined with the ability to assess higher patient volumes.

CTCM Project Round: Two

State: Victoria


  • CTCM Funding: $1,100,000
  • Industry Contribution: $2,248,527

Duration: July 2023 - August 2024

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