AtCor Medical - at the heart of blood pressure

Advances in science and technology are enabling the growth of precision healthcare solutions, improving outcomes for patients. Due to a new device, doctors and medical researchers around the world are using Australian-made instruments to detect and treat hypertension (high blood pressure) more accurately and effectively than ever before.

From its headquarters in Sydney, AtCor Medical produces the Sphygmocor range of products, which measure patients' central blood pressure (the pressure at the heart, not the arm) and arterial stiffness. Both of these measures have been shown to be better than normal cuff blood pressure in determining the risk of heart attack and stroke.

AtCor collaborated with the Graduate School of Medicine at Macquarie University to validate these devices in patients. AtCor works with universities across Australia to study the changes in central BP during exercise, in diseases such as Diabetes, and with medication.

Using a cuff similar to standard blood pressure cuffs, Sphygmocor XCEL painlessly provides instant readings of the pressure the heart, brain and kidneys actually experience and has become the global gold standard in diagnosis and patient management, pharmaceutical clinical trials and research. The products are now distributed throughout North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region by a network of over 60 distributors.

Recent trials using SphygmoCor have shown that not only does central blood pressure predict cardiovascular risk, but also that arterial stiffness is major cause of hypertension and that treating arterial stiffness early may prevent a patient from developing high blood pressure. SphygmoCor is currently being used in more than 1000 clinical trials worldwide. Research findings are regularly presented at major medical conferences and consistently highlight the value of central blood pressure monitoring in identifying patients at risk of cardiovascular damage.

CEO Duncan Ross said “The SphygmoCor XCEL has revolutionised the measurement of arterial stiffness and central Blood Pressure (BP) non-invasively. After more than 15 years of research, Central Blood Pressure measurement is now ready to be used in the Doctor’s office to improve the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.”

Source: Austrade