Extensia system help GPs and communities overcome distance

With the growth of the digital evolution megatrend, the healthcare sector will see a shift in how data is exchanged and processed, improving efficiencies for patient care coordination.

Extensia, an Australian supplier of software solutions and technologies for the healthcare sector, have developed a digital solution for more efficient healthcare delivery.

Established through the Commonwealth Research Centre Scheme to develop a patient-centric Shared Electronic Health Record system, Extensia provides a scalable, customisable system with embedded privacy through its two core technologies, RecordPoint and EPRX.

RecordPoint is a flexible, privacy-compliant Shared Electronic Health Record that has been implemented in State and Primary Health programs, while EPRX is an electronic directory and referral tool which can integrate seamlessly with existing clinical systems. RecordPoint also facilitates interaction with the National Electronic Health Record system and was used in 60 sites across Australia for training and adoption of Shared Electronic Health Records.

Extensia's system has been used by a large GP division in Brisbane, as well as the Goldfields Midwest Medicare Local area in Western Australia.

Goldfields Midwest Medicare Local operates a coordinated health care program, Gold Health, for patients with chronic and complex medical conditions, who also may travel long distances to providers. Patients in this area are supported by RecordPoint (called the Gold Health Shared Record), which provides a document exchange system and secure electronic health record summary including current medications, allergies and diagnosis history. It also interfaces with GP and other clinical and community systems to facilitate sharing of relevant patient information and provides a shared patient document repository.

Gold Health is funded by a number of stakeholders, including the Department of Health and Ageing. It currently links patients, indigenous health service providers, hospitals, public community services, other healthcare providers, pharmacies and allied health organisations over 1.3 million square kilometres, and will soon link nursing homes.

Source: Austrade