Medtech startup turns home into medical clinic

A world-first medical kit including a digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer invented by two Australian doctors could revolutionalise home-based treatments.

Medical technologies are set to become part of a consumer-driven, consumer focused, digitally enabled health care system, with a focus on point-of-care and in-home optimisation. CliniCloud allows for a more personalised service, forming a partnership with US telemedicine service Doctor on Demand, which will start 15-minute consultations using data and information from CliniCloud via video.

Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong founded the Melbourne based startup CliniCloud, operating as a device connected to a mobile app. The kit allows doctors to view a patient's temperature, heartbeat and breathing pattern online to learn more about their condition.

"We see a lot of potential for the global healthcare system to move services into the home: to have consults done remotely; and to have treatments that can be administered in the home. Essentially we want to create a new healthcare model that is low-cost, convenient and a good experience for patients. That's the ultimate goal of CliniCloud," Lin explains.

CliniCloud signed an agreement with consumer electronics chain Best Buy to sell their product in the US and Canada. It hopes to launch in Australia, China and is working through regulatory requirements ahead of a launch in Europe.

In 2015, Chong and Lin received $US5 million in seed funding from China's biggest internet company Tencent as well as the venture capital arm of Ping An, Ping An Ventures.

Source: Austrade