Ocean Informatics brings eHealth to the outback

As the Australian Federal Government 'My Heath Record' initiative rolls out nationally, nowhere are the challenges of distance greater than in the Northern Territory, Australia's most sparsely populated state.

The state health department, NT Health, has been implementing a comprehensive shared electronic health record (EHR) to support healthcare delivery, especially to the remote Indigenous population.

Australian health IT company Ocean Informatics worked with the NT government throughout 2011 to enable the Shared EHR platform to store structured data in line with the NeHTA Detailed Clinical Models (DCMs) specification standards. The new Shared EHR enables NT Health to implement Decision Support and Advanced Care Planning for the population of the Territory.

Over 50,000 patient health records are now in a standardised format, with over 4 million health record documents converted and stored on the Ocean EHR platform. The shared EHR system links acute hospital systems, GP systems and community care, paving the way for improved healthcare for all NT residents, including the mobile Indigenous population and remote area dwellers.

Stephen Moo, CIO NT Health and Executive Sponsor for My eHealth Record project, said: "The successful My eHealth Record project, using OceanEHR, has enabled NT to consolidate health information from multiple data types and health repositories into a single, standard and consistent health record for a person."

With office locations in Australia and the UK, Ocean Informatics has a long record of successful work in health IT standards internationally that includes ISO, HL7, and CEN and has been instrumental in establishing the openEHR industry standards. The company was recently selected by IBS Russia to be part of the consortium building the Moscow Integrated Medical Information System (SIMI) pilot.

Source: Austrade