State-of-the-art design lab attracts international investment

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) translates basic research into clinical trials to deliver new drug treatments, partnering with a number of international pharmaceutical companies for global reach.

MIPS has collaborated with a number of international pharmaceutical companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Servier and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, as well as local organisations such as the Cooperative Research Centre for Cancer Therapeutics.

Testament to the strength of Australia's world-class gastrointestinal research and laboratories, Takeda partnered with MIPS hoping to devise revolutionary treatments for gastrointestinal conditions. The partnership will focus on drug discovery, research and development of pharmaceutical products on potential therapeutic targets to treat gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. The undeveloped understanding of gastrointestinal diseases means that there is a lack of effective treatment available, making investment in the area all the more important.

Investment from Takeda has allowed MIPS to extend their research, building on the breadth of experience they have in investigating the biological basis of disease, and a proven track record in drug discovery and development. Takeda view the partnership as a unique model, which they intent to repeat with further teams in Australia.

MIPS's reputation for getting drug treatment research to the stage required for clinical trials was a key element in attracting these partnerships, along with Australia's reputation for a highly collaborative and well-networked science sector.