Nanosonics cleans up infection control

Every day around the world, millions of intracavity and surface ultrasound examinations are performed. This means that ultrasound probes need high level disinfection between every patient, to prevent healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). Because heat sterilisation can damage probes, manual cleaning and soaking in toxic disinfectant solution was previously the only practical option.

Australian company Nanosonics developed the proprietary trophon® EPR for fast, automated high level disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes.

The device generates a sonically activated, ultrafine hydrogen peroxide mist at a low temperature and is clinically proven to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. A clinical paper published in November 2015 shows that trophon is the only high level disinfection system for ultrasound probes that kills high-risk, cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV). This sets trophon apart from all other available systems.

The system is environmentally friendly, the by-products are oxygen and water, and helps protect both patients and healthcare staff from the effects of harmful bulk liquid disinfectants.

trophon is approved for sale in most major markets including the United States (US), Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Nanosonics has direct operations in North America and Europe and works with a number of distributor partners in certain countries around the world including leading ultrasound manufacturers.

trophon really is leading the way globally in ultrasound probe high level disinfection and is well on its way to becoming the standard of care in a number of countries. In the USA alone trophon can be found in over 2500 hospitals, including 49 of the top 50 luminary hospitals. Factors driving global adoption include changing disinfection guidelines, growing awareness of HAIs relating to ultrasound processes, mounting clinical evidence showing that old HLD methods are ineffective and importantly the simplicity, versatility and effectiveness of the trophon device.

The technologies that have delivered trophon provide the foundation for some of the future products currently in the Nanosonics product development pipeline. Nanosonics has an active research and development program to progress innovation and deliver new solutions for the infection control market.