Operationalise the Centre for Commercialization for Regenerative Medicine Australia

  • 12 Jul 2018

This project will see CCRM Australia accelerating the commercialization of Australian regenerative medicine technologies, therapies and related products.

CCRM will achieve this by fostering increased collaboration between industry, clinicians and academia, both locally and globally; and nurturing local regenerative medicine companies for the international market.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • CCRM Australia has completed a pilot mentoring program, launched a regenerative medicine database and hosted national online seminars. 
  • Over 400 atendees have attended, training, collaboration and information events.

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Listen to our podcast to hear CCRM Australia CEO Silvio Tiziani talk about the project.

Twitter: ccrm_au

LinkedIn: CCRM Australia

Consortium leadMonash University
Consortium membersAustralian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), CCRM (Canada), Bioplatforms Australia (BPA), Cell Therapy Manufacturing CRC, ReNerve Pty Ltd, Cynata Therapeutics Ltd, Regeneus Ltd & Australian Red Cross Blood Service
MTPConnect grant$340,000
Industry contribution$341,000
Project durationJanuary 2018 - June 2020 (Completed)
ContactSilvio Tiziani, Monash University - silvio.tiziani@monash.edu