International collaboration via Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

Pfizer is well-known for carefully selecting its collaborative partners, working with the world’s best academics and scientists – of whom Australia homes many.

Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences was the first Australian academic research institute to be invited by Pfizer to join their Centers for Therapeutic Innovation – a collaborative research network designed to fast-track and translate promising science into clinical candidates.

The partnership, which is designed to bridge the gap between early science discovery and its translation into new medicines, will allow for collaborative use of Pfizer’s proprietary drug discovery tools and technologies, as well as support equitable IP and publication rights. The collaboration provides an innovative environment and access to industry-based expertise, with physician scientists who are practicing as well as researching, and has already lead to the creation of potential outputs that would not previously have been able to progress past early stages.

Pfizer recognise the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Australia, particularly in terms of exports, and acknowledge is as one of the largest investors in R&D, science, innovation and manufacturing. Over 10,000 patients are participating in 52 clinical trials run in Australia by Pfizer, conducted through external trial organisations, including non-small cell lung cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, smoking cessation, advanced breast cancer, hyperlipidaemia and diabetes.