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BioFab3D@ACMD is a hospital-based robotics and biomedical engineering centre, bringing together researchers, clinicians, engineers and industry partners to work alongside each other with a vision to build biological structures.

The centre will embed research into the clinical setting and clinical needs into the research environment to increase and accelerate the rates of clinical breakthroughs such as the BioPen, to replace and ultimately allow regrowth of bone.

Bringing together the group's scientists, clinicians and industry partners as a single cohesive group at the point of care will enable immediacy in problem solving, give greater context to the research programme and allow solutions brought by experts in the field to be finely honed by patients' real world problems.

Through developing relationships with Australian and international companies, the facility will enable an appreciation of international market trends (historically been hard to obtain in Australia), and improve capabilities to engage with international markets and global supply chains.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • Since the start of the project the BioFab3D centre has trained over 233 individuals and progressed 21 new technologies. 
  • The Centre is also being used by two MedTech start-ups.

For more information, visit BioFab3D@ACMD.

Listen to our podcast episode as BioFab3D's Centre Manager Cathal O'Connell takes MTPConnect on a virtual tour of the lab.

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Consortium lead St Vincent's Hospital
Consortium members

University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, Swinburne University of Technology, RMIT University, Stryker Australia Pty Ltd

MTPConnect grant $1,100,000
Industry contribution $1,274,864
Project Duration March 2017 - February 2019 (Completed)
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