Global Investment Program for Life Sciences

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A comprehensive global investment program for the Australian life science sector, including companies, investors and researchers.

To be competitive on a global scale, Australian life sciences companies need to have effective access to global capital markets and to be able to compete for funding against companies from around the world. This program will provide companies with the training and access they need to accomplish this, and as a result of better funding, companies will benefit from increased stability and productivity, therefore resulting in overall sector growth and confidence.

The investment program will comprise of three main components:

  1. Education, resources and training for companies and potential university and research institute spin outs in investment readiness, pitching for investment, and how to launch a successful IPO
  2. Education and resources for investors through published guides, workshops and events
  3. Access to global capital markets for Australian life science companies through targeted international events, facilitating collaborations and partnerships, and international investor support and education.

Outcomes: The Australian MTP sector’s attraction for investment was impacted greatly by the COVID-19 global pandemic in terms of trends: with few opportunities to travel nationally or internationally or meet in a traditional face-to-face manner; and yet IPO activity increased markedly in our sector. The rise in IPOs saw the Roadmap to a successful IPO for life science companies gain attention during the period and as such prompted a review of outdated information and a relaunch.

    Consortium lead AusBiotech
    Consortium members ASX, Dibbs Barker, WEBuchan, KPMG
    MTPConnect grant $398,043
    Industry contribution $400,000
    Project duration February 2017 - January 2019
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    DownloadGuide to Life Sciences Investing and the Roadmap to a Successful IPO for Life Sciences Companies.

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