Vaccine Research in Australia: Landscaping capabilities and relevant services

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Internationally, vaccines are one of the fastest growing sectors in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This project seeks to create a streamlined pathway for Australian vaccine development from the time of conception at the laboratory bench, typically in a University research lab, all the way through to human trials and commercialisation.

Whilst Australia has an exemplary record of basic immunology and vaccine research, there has been a major failure to capture the commercial value of this Australian research. This project will landscape the vaccine space, developing a free-to-use, publicly accessible database of all interested parties in the sector, and draw them together for the first Australian Vaccine conference in December 2017.

StateSouth Australia
Consortium lead Vaxine Pty Ltd
Consortium members Mylexa Pty Ltd, Australian Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Institute Ltd
MTPConnect grant $250,000
Industry contributions $371,697
Project duration March 2017 - May 2018 (Finished)
Contact Sharen Pringle, Vaxine -

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