Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Australia

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An Australian hub of Canada's Commercialization Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) will support the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies.

CCRM Australia will be modelled on, and linked with, the highly successful Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) based in Canada, a leader in developing and commercialising regenerative medicine and cell and gene technologies. Drawing from CCRM's expertise and industry and capital venture networks established over a five-year period, CCRM Australia will take a leading role in supporting Australia's fast developing regenerative medicine sector. It will take a national approach to the commercialization of Australian regenerative medicine and related technologies. CCRM Australia will be developed in parallel with other emerging hubs in the United States, Israel, Japan, Europe and Singapore.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • 10 regenerative medicine product companies are collaborating internationally to advance their product commercialisation. 
  • 5 collaboration events with over 500 attendees as well as the support of three inbound and three outbound trade missions.

Visit CCRM Australia for more details.

Listen to our podcast episode on CCRM Australia, where MTPConnect spoke to its CEO Silvio Tziani.

Twitter: ccrm_au

LinkedIn: CCRM Australia

Consortium lead Monash University
Consortium members

CSIRO, CCRM Canada, Cell Therapies, St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, AusBiotech Ltd

MTPConnect grant $200,000
Industry contribution $350,000
State Government Contribution $150,000
Project duration March 2017 - February 2019 (Completed)
Contact Silvio Tiziani, Monash University - silvio.tiziani@monash.edu +61 418 536 209