Hit ID Platform

At the core of a successful drug discovery is a high-quality chemical library. A fit-for-purpose drug discovery library is not a random collection of compounds, but a collection of carefully curated chemistry that is designed to cover the diversity of drug-like chemistry space, and provide tractable starting points for medicinal chemistry optimisation.

This project will build on a national framework to provide Australian drug discovery organisations access to a comprehensive Hit ID platform that includes:

  • a fit for purpose drug discovery library (up to 300,000 compounds);
  • an ultra-high throughput screening facility;
  • fragment-based drug design capability;
  • a state of the art software platform for in silico drug discovery.
Consortium lead

Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd (CTx)

Consortium members

UniQuest, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), Children's Cancer Institute (CCI), Griffith University / Compounds Australia

MTPConnect grant $1,100,000
Industry contribution $1,384,290
Project duration August 2017 - June 2019
Contact Ian Street, Cancer CRC - ian@cancercrc.com +61 425 795 473