Biofabrication Institute

The Queensland University of Technology have developed a Biofabriaction Institute with Hear and Say (a hearing and speech charity to assist deaf children).

The Biofabrication Institute will be utilising MTPConnect project funds to develop scanning and 3D printing techniques for children with under-developed ears or microtia. The eventual ears produced will be either silicone prosthetics, or development of an internal cartridge framework. At least eight children will be part of the programme, with the final outcomes being a nationwide publication and commercialisation for the technology.

Consortium lead Queensland University of Technology
Consortium members Hear and Say, Metro North Hospital and Health Service
MTPConnect grant $100,000
Industry contribution $200,000
Government Contributions $100,000
Project duration June 2017 - May 2019
Contact Michael McArdle, Queensland University of Technology,