Clinical Trials: Impact & Quality

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CT:IQ aims to develop and implement recommendations that will improve the impact, quality and efficiency of clinical trials, leading to more rapid, lower cost and higher quality evaluation of healthcare interventions in Australia.

This project will engage the clinical trial industry in Australia to determine the actions needed to strengthen Australia as an attractive clinical trial research destination. The project will determine at least two activities in year one and three in year two as a focus to achieve an improved national clinical trial sector.

    StateSouth Australia
    Consortium LeadBellberry Limited
    Consortium Members

    ACTA, NHMRC CTC and The George Institute with an additional 25 organisations representing the diverse clinical trials sector.

    MTPConnect Grant$370,000
    Industry Contribution$850,455
    Other Government Contribution$3,000
    Project Duration

    January 2018 – March 2021 (Finished)


    Website: CT:IQ for more information  |  Twitter: @CTImpactQuality  |  LinkedIn: CT:IQ