A cloud-based AI digital health platform (hospital 4.0) applied to nationwide cardiovascular clinical decision support

The project will implement a Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital health platform to eliminate avoidable and preventable errors in health care services by automating best practice clinical guidelines and delivering real time guidance to clinical decision makers, via notifications and escalations.

The initial clinical focus will be on cardiovascular services in rural/remote South Australia, however, the infrastructure will be commercially scalable to other chronic diseases across Australia and beyond. This project will assist health care providers to establish a central network to offer the best care possible to patients.

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Consortium leadIntegrated Cardiovascular Clinical Network (iICCnet)
Consortium membersAlcidion Corp, Cardihab, Chamonix Health, iCCnetl, Medical Communications Associates, Mediā€Map Ltd, SysLinx Pty Ltd, Flinders University
MTPConnect grant$256,000
Industry contribution$256,000
Project durationApril 2018 - July 2021
ContactDr Philip Tideman, iCCnet CHSA - Phil.Tideman@sa.gov.au