Clinical Trial Assist - facilitating clinical trial recruitment in general practice

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A pilot project to prove the concept of recruiting patients for clinical trial through GP awareness and utlilisation of patient records.

This project will identify, develop and evaluate a model to support clinical trials in Australia by providing access to the leading clinical data set in Australia to guide clinical trial protocol development and assess the feasibility of protocols and recruitment. In addition, it will engage the general practice sector and facilitate direct patient recruitment, giving a higher level of awareness for GP's on clinical trials and their benefits. At least two clinical trials will be recruited with additional patients through facilitated engagement with GP's.

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Consortium leadVentureWise
Consortium membersNPS MedicineWise Group, Prospection & The George Institute
MTPConnect grant$150,000
Industry contribution$150,000
Project durationFebruary 2018 - August 2018
ContactJames Reeve, NPS MedicineWise,