Enabling Precision Cancer Clinical Trials: A molecular profiling platform for the Australian clinical trials industry

To facilitate genomics testing and patient matching for clinical trials and focussed therapies the Garvan will engage at least five companies and have 250 tests conducted on a purpose-built SME engagement platform.

This project will deliver a molecular profiling platform to increase capacity in Australia’s clinical trial sector and increase the attractiveness of Australia to the international pharmaceutical industry. The platform includes a clinically accredited molecular test for cancer trials, a genomics data platform to support clinical trials, and patient-matching capabilities to facilitate clinical trial recruitment.

This project successfully developed a comprehensive genome profiling platform to enable precision cancer medicine. The platform has been successfully transferred to SydPath enabling sector wide access.

StateNew South Wales
Consortium leadThe Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Consortium membersNHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, NSW Early phase Clinical Trials Alliance (NECTA), Genome.One, Linear Clinical Research
MTPConnect grant$316,256
Industry contribution$338,820
Project durationApril 2018 - March 2020 (Finished)
ContactA/Prof Luke Hesson, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research - l.hesson@garvan.org.au

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