Enabling Precision Cancer Clinical Trials: A molecular profiling platform for the Australian clinical trials industry

To facilitate genomics testing and patient matching for clinical trials and focussed therapies the Garvan will engage at least 5 companies and have 250 tests conducted on a purpose built SME engagement platform.

This project will deliver a molecular profiling platform to increase capacity in Australia’s clinical trial sector, and increase the attractiveness of Australia to the international pharmaceutical industry. The platform includes a clinically-accredited molecular test for cancer trials, a genomics data platform to support clinical trials, and patient-matching capabilities to facilitate clinical trial recruitment.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • To date the project has trained over 400 individuals. 
  • The project team has processed over 1,250 samples and engaged with six Australian-based SMEs including 4 clinical trials.

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Consortium leadThe Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Consortium membersNHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, NSW Early phase Clinical Trials Alliance (NECTA), Genome.One, Linear Clinical Research
MTPConnect grant$400,000
Industry contribution$428,540
Project durationApril 2018 - March 2020 (Completed)
ContactA/Prof Luke Hesson, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research - l.hesson@garvan.org.au