Establishment of an MTP competency based, manufacturing skills development facility/training hub and early stage clinical trial manufacturing facility

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This project will establish a flexible and accessible medtech/pharma clinical manufacturing facility to enable the translation of innovative, investigational products into clinical studies.

Secondly, the project will establish a hands-on competency based training facility suitable for researchers and industry to improve their understanding of the medtech/pharma manufacturing requirements utilising state of the art equipment.

In addition, the project aims to integrate both the clinical manufacture and training objectives to further reduce costs, time to clinic and upskill education and employment opportunities.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • Improvements in the cleanroom facilities are now complete with over 60 individuals trained using the facilities, 4 companies using the facilities and three clinical trials commenced, treating 120 patients. 

Watch a promotional video of the TRI's Cleanrooms:

Watch a tour of the Cleanrooms:

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Consortium leadTranslational Research Institute
Consortium membersVAXXAS, PharmOut & Eurofins AMS
MTPConnect grant$500,000
Industry contribution$590,000
Project durationFebruary 2018 - February 2020 (Completed)
ContactMichelle Richards, Translational Research Institute -
Charles Ross, Vaxxas -