Health Horizon - National MTP+D Live Showcase

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Health Horizon aim to develop a searchable, trackable, public pipelines platform for medtech, pharmaceutical and digital health innovations.

This project will catalogue and track publicly exposed MTP+D innovations under development in Australia. By the end of the year-long collaborative campaign the catalogue will be publicly and globally accessible and kept up-to-date using a humanised machine learning system.

StateAustralian Capital Territory
Consortium leadHealth-Innovate Pty Ltd
Consortium members Hospital and Health Services IP Ltd, ANDHealth, Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA), Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), Better Health, Healthcare and Treatment Global Impact Cluster (University of Newcastle), Queensland University of Technology (QUT).
MTPConnect grant$100,000
Industry contribution$124,791
Project durationJanuary 2018 - November 2018 (Finished)
ContactMathew McGann, Health-Innovate Pty Ltd -

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Listen to our podcast episode, where we interviewed Health Horizon's Co-Founder Mathew McGann and our Director Major Projects Elizabeth Stares in Canberra.