The Bioprint Facility for Translational Science and Medicine in the MTP Sector

This project will provide engagement and commercialisation assistance for at least three SME's in progressing their BioInk or related production / delivery system.

The University of Wollongong are creating a Bio-Printing facility to expedite the development of commercial opportunities in 3D bioprinting. This project will provide the technical expertise and facilities to enable the development of commercial opportunities identified by the clinical partners and SMEs for the production of relevant biomaterials, formulations of bioinks or customised bioprinting systems.

Outcomes (FY2020):

  • A new facility (TRICEP - Translational Research Initiative of Cellular Engineering and Printing) has been established at Wollongong. 
  • Ten new products have been developed within the facility, with two new startup companies formed. 
  • TRICEP have supported over 100 inbound and outbound missions through speakers and facility tours.

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Consortium leadUniversity of Wollongong
Consortium membersVenus Shell Systems, SMR Automotive Australia Pty Limited, University of Sydney, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) & Lincoln Consulting Group
MTPConnect grant$400,000
Industry contribution$400,000
Project durationMarch 2018 - August 2019 (Completed)
ContactProfessor Gordon Wallace, University of Wollongong -