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Pictured: Prof Peter Choong of St Vincent's Melbourne and Federal Minister for Health Hon. Greg Hunt MP in April 2018 at the launch of BioMedTech Horizons program in Melbourne.

Project title: AxceldaPen

BMTH Round: First

The AxceldaPen (formerly BioPen) is set to provide the first in-situ bioprinting treatment for cartilage injuries, developed at the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne biofabrication facility, BioFab3D@ACMD. 

Cartilage injuries occur in two thirds of all joint trauma, with many leading to osteoarthritis that cannot be adequately prevented or treated using current complex surgery interventions. The BioPen project is working to accurately repair the joint injury, by rapidly isolating stem cells from a patient, loading these into a gel scaffold then printing new cartilage using a hand held device directly into the defect. 

The combination of stem cell technology, engineering and surgical innovation promises to simplify surgery through a one-off surgical procedure with the capacity to bank cells for future use if repeat surgery is required. The BioMedTechHorizons funding will enable this project to advance a prototype device, methodologies and bio-ink formulations towards a commercialisable therapy.

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