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Pictured: Genome.One CEO Marcel Dinger with MTPConnect Chair Sue MacLeman and MTAA CEO Ian Burgess in April 2018 at the launch of BioMedTech Horizons in Melbourne.

Project title: A clinically-accredited and commercial-ready genome profiling platform to enable precision cancer medicine 

BMTH Round: One

State: New South Wales

Precision cancer medicine is set to transform the clinical trial industry, with international trials attracting heavy investment. This next generation of clinical trials requires fast, comprehensive and cost-effective genomic profiling of patient tumours.

The FDA recently approved two US cancer genomic tests, however, their cost (AU$5,500) is prohibitive for routine use in Australia and their matching to US-approved drugs and trials are of limited utility to Australians. Offshore testing also fails to develop necessary domestic infrastructure for precision cancer clinical trials.

The genome-profiling platform for precision cancer medicine is set to include a clinically-accredited tumour profiling test and a cancer genomics data platform that incorporates a national patient matching system for precision cancer clinical trial access. It aims to provide competitively priced and rapid local testing. These solutions work to ensure that, in the face of increasing global capabilities and investment in precision cancer clinical trials, Australia will remain an attractive trial site and leader in precision medicine.

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Consortium lead
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Consortium members
Thermo Fisher Scientific & Illumina
FundingMTPConnect grant: $815,939
Industry contribution: $848,063
DurationMay 2018 - March 2021
OutcomesThe Oncomine Cancer Genomics platform has been developed and fully validated and was sold to SydPath who will offer the service to patients.
A/Prof Luke Hesson, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research