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Pictured: Allegra Orthopaedics CEO Jenny Swain, MTPConnect Chair Sue MacLeman and MTAA CEO Ian Burgess in April 2018 at the launch of BioMedTech Horizons in Melbourne.

Project title: B3D Cervical Interbody Fusion Device 

BMTH Round: First

The Allegra Orthopaedics fully synthetic spinal cage works to regenerate bone under spinal load conditions and be completely resorbed by the body, leaving it and the intervertebral space free of foreign materials – making it a one-of-a-kind innovation.

The device is 3D-printed from a synthetic bone bioceramic (Sr-HT-Gahnite) invented at The University of Sydney. The synthetic bone possesses the mechanical strength required for load-bearing conditions, bioactivity needed for outstanding bone regeneration, and resorbability that reduces the risk of rejection and infection – all in a customisable structure. No bone graft is required as the device material induces bone graft. This project will provide the necessary funding for device production for preclinical testing.

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Consortium LeadAllegra Orthopaedics
Consortium PartnersUniversity of Sydney, University of Wollongong, Boron Molecular & Sabre Medical
ContactAmeneh Sadeghpour, Innovation, Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager