CRITERIA - Building clinical trial capability and capacity to grow the MTP sector

This project will address the constraint in the growth of MTP sector, particularly for conducting clinical trials, through the training of appropriately skilled and experienced workforce participants.

CRITERIA will recruit appropriately trained graduates and equipped them with job ready skills through training and a six-month internship with MTP companies. At least 20 graduates will be trained and given practical experience in conducting clinical trials.

Outcomes: ARCS have trained 52 graduates in all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine and clinical research through 44 training events. 40 graduates of the CRITERIA program now have jobs within the clinical trial industry.

StateNew South Wales
Consortium leadARCS Australia
Consortium membersQuintilesIMS Pty Ltd, Novotech Ltd, Clinical Network Services (CNS) Pty Ltd, PPD Australia Pty Ltd, George Clinical Pty Ltd, OnQ Recruitment Pty Ltd, Seerpharma Pty Ltd, Pharma to Market Pty Ltd, UNSW Sydney, SPHERE, University of Sydney, Monash University & St Vincent’s Hospital
MTPConnect grant$250,000
Industry contribution$260,422
Project durationMarch 2018 - December 2019 (Finished)
ContactDr Shanny Dyer, ARCS Australia -

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