Australian National University

Australian National University is developing rapid and objective eye and brain testing for better management of ophthalmic and neurological diseases.

Testing of the peripheral visual fields is critical to diagnosing and managing a broad range of eye and brain disorders. Until now such tests involved patients responding to hundreds of presentations of difficult-to-see visual stimuli.

Consequently, the tests were slow, tedious, and poorly reproducible. Now a group at the Australian National University and University of Canberra have worked with Konan Medical Inc to produce a simple, objective, peripheral vision test that requires no subject responses:  the objectiveFIELD analyzer (OFA®). The OFA uses tiny responses of the pupils to objectively test 88 parts of both eyes at the same time. The present project involves even newer versions that take just 80 seconds to test both eyes. 

The group leader, Prof Ted Maddess, has previously commercialised a very successful visual field test, the Matrix perimeter sold by Carl Zeiss Meditc, and for that won Australia’s highest prize for applied research: the Clunies Ross Award.

BTB Round: One

State: Australian Capital Territory

Project Partners: Konan Medical Inc


  • MTPConnect Grant: $680,819
  • Industry Contribution: $4,916,670

Duration: February 2020 – March 2022

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    Contact: Professor Ted Maddess, John Curtain School of Medical Research, ANU