The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Dental School


University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Dental School is progressing a novel dental implant to commercialisation.  

The ability to chew properly and eat a wide variety of foods is considered essential for well being and quality of life. Dental implants are the preferred standard of care for patients requiring replacement teeth, however traditional implants cannot be used in around 10% of cases where the patient has insufficient jaw bone density, volume or strength.

This is particularly common in cancer patients who have undergone treatment, ageing populations or those who have had historical trauma or teeth extractions. 

University of Melbourne have developed a novel dental implant that can be used in this population thus addressing an important medical and social need. This implant has been rigorously tested and as part of this project and will undergo a trial in humans. In addition, a protocol will be developed to simplify the operation, making it more accessible to dentists, thus reducing risk and improving patient outcomes.

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