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Project title: Development of a novel brain pulse oximeter to monitor brain oxygen levels following traumatic brain injury 

The aim of the project will develop and further demonstrate the efficacy of our brain pulse oximeter (BPOx) designed for non-invasive brain oxygen monitoring of acutely injured and critically ill patients in Emergency Departments (ED) and Intensive Care Units (ICU). Successful completion of this project will enable commercialisation in 2021.

Key activities in this project include:

  • Development of an advanced prototype
  • Undertaking clinical efficacy and health economic outcome research
  • Undertaking user needs analysis to inform product design
  • Engaging expert advice on intellectual property, regulatory approval, market access and business planning to support fundraising and commercialisation

Cyban's BPOx is required in ED and ICU settings because ~55% of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) develop a secondary brain injury, typically due to brain hypoxia. Evidence shows that early detection and treatment of brain hypoxia improves patient outcomes. Existing recommended monitoring techniques are invasive, carry patient complication risks, are technically challenging, expensive and don't provide continuous monitoring from the point of trauma. Available non-invasive monitors are not used in patients with an acute injury, because their accuracy in detecting brain hypoxia following TBI is poor and current expert guidelines do not recommend their use. Our BPOx is non-invasive with proprietary sensor configuration and novel analysis algorithms which allow specific detection and reporting of the brain pulse, microvascular oxygen levels and relative changes in blood flow. The BPOx is portable, allowing continuous monitoring from the point of trauma, hence enabling early diagnosis and intervention.

With earlier detection and treatment of brain hypoxia, secondary brain injury may be prevented, and the risk of long-term disability and death reduced. We will target a global market segment estimated at US$800 million.

BMTH Round: Two

State: Victoria


  • MTPConnect Grant: $960,000
  • Industry Contribution: $750,679

Duration: April 2020 - October 2022

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