Macuject Pty Ltd

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Pictured: Retinal OCT scan showing atypical fluid build-up in wet macular degeneration

Project title: Combining AI insights with human expertise to reverse macular degeneration 

Macuject is an AI-based cloud software platform that augments the doctor's decision-making process during treatment of AMD.

The platform features an advanced AI algorithm for image analysis, a graphical dashboard to summarize extended patient histories, and a decision tree to increase clinical confidence in the selected treatment protocol.

Macuject improves patient vision outcomes through optimized treatment protocols, accelerates clinic workflow through the intuitive dashboard, increases clinical confidence via the decision support tree, and delivers real-world insights linking treatment protocols with visual outcomes.

BMTH Round: Two

State: Victoria

Project partners: Curve Tomorrow & Silverpond


  • MTPConnect Grant: $944,613
  • Industry Contribution: $1,094,748

Duration: April 2020 - March 2023

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Contact: Peter Girling