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Project title: Advancing cardiac microwearables to the clinic: for rapid, minimally-invasive personalised cardiovascular medicine 

Currently, key cardiac biomarkers are detected by the slow process of multiple blood draws, followed by complex lab-based assays. 

By directly and instantly detecting cardiac biomarkers shallowly in the skin, Cardiac Microwearables are novel: providing a way of identifying cardiac events in real time in a simple, user-friendly wearable format. 

Building upon our established in-vitro and ex-vivo feasibility of the Microwearable platform, this project will see our team advance Cardiac Microwearables toward achieving proof-of-concept of measurement of Troponin, with clinically relevant specificity and sensitivity, in animal models. Additionally, we will perform first-time-in-human studies of 'bare' Microwearables (i.e. without detection- specific surface chemistries) and establish clinical acceptability and tolerability of the Microwearable platform.

BMTH Round: Two

State: Queensland

Project Partners: Australian National University, Monash University, Cook Medical, Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology


  • MTPConnect Grant: $983,127
  • Industry Contribution: $2,452,000

Duration: April 2020 - March 2023

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Contact: Prof. Mark Kendall