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Project title: Portable bedside low field magnetic resonance imaging

The project will result in developing a commercial Proof of Concept portable Low Field portable MRI (LF-MRI) instrument for patient bedside imaging. 

This will be achieved through the developing of a functional prototype of a low field MRI (LF-MRI) instrument founded with ground-breaking innovations from the University of Queensland (UQ) Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI). 

The project will include the use of dynamic permanent magnet arrays (dPMAs) for magnetic field production and switching, the development of highly sensitive room temperature signal detectors, and novel spatial encoding and noise correction methods to develop a portable LF-MRI instrument. The outcome of this project will be a prototype tested on a human limb and investor ready documentation, which will allow IntelliDesign to proceed this instrument to the next stage of development.

BMTH Round: Two

State: Queensland

Project Partners:University of Queensland (UQ) Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI)


  • MTPConnect Grant: $1,000,000
  • Industry Contribution: $743,011

Duration: April 2020 - December 2022

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Contact: Frank Harrington