The Regenerative Medicine Catalyst Body

Australia has a strong and active Regenerative Medicine (RM) industry eco-system with internationally-recognised basic and translational research, clinical trials framework and clinical centres, with more than 30 companies in Australia developing products and more than 30 clinical trials in progress.

This project will build on the Regenerative Medicine Advisory Group report, 'Regenerative medicine: Opportunities for Australia' (MTPConnect, LEK, 2018) and investigate and analyse the Regenerative medicine sector in all four Industry Growth Centre (IGC) pillars:

  1. Increasing collaboration and commercialisation across the sector
  2. Improving management and workforce skills
  3. Improving access to global supply chains and international markets
  4. Optimising the regulatory environment 

These details will be presented by September 2021.

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Consortium LeadAusBiotech
Consortium MembersMedicines Australia, Cell Therapies, BioIntelect, Novartis Pharmaceuticals & Research Strategies Australia
MTPConnect Grant$300,000
Industry Contributions$300,000
Project DurationSeptember 2020 - September 2021
ContactLorraine Chiroiu - CEO AusBiotech -