Australian Antimicrobial Resistance Network - AAMRNet

In September 2020, MTPConnect announced the formation of an Australian-first network bringing together key stakeholders to address the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on human health.

The Australian Antimicrobial Resistance network - AAMRNet – has been established following recommendations in a new report, ‘Fighting Superbugs: A Report on the Inaugural Meeting of Australia’s Antimicrobial Resistance Stakeholders’, also released by MTPConnect and prepared in partnership with BioIntelect.

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microbes such as bacteria become resistant to drugs which once killed them, evolving to become untreatable ‘superbugs’.

Join the AAMRNet, by contacting MTPConnect.

Twitter: @AAMRNet_

Podcast: Launching Australia’s first Antimicrobial Resistance Network & the Fighting Superbugs report

Additional supporters of the AAMRNet include, DMTC, CSIRO, Opal Biosciences, Roche, Janssen and others.

Consortium LeadMTPConnect
Consortium MembersPfizer ANZ, MSD Australia, GSK Australia and Medicines Australia
MTPConnect Grant$300,000
Industry Contributions$300,000
Project DurationSeptember 2020 - September 2021