REDI Contestable Program

Delivering Training and Education to Fill Skills Gaps

In delivering the REDI program, MTPConnect is partnering with research, training and industry organisations to deploy an integrated three-pillar plan driving skills and workforce development for the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector nationally.

Through a competitive process, MTPConnect has selected additional industry training providers to deliver new programs addressing key skills gaps in the  sector workforce.

These skills gaps were identified in the recent skills gap analyses delivered under the Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative. The latest report - Driving skills development and workforce training for the future MTP workforce – released in February 2021, identified 20 priority skills gaps.

Download the REDI Skills Gap Analysis Report 

Round Two Announcement

Round Two called for proposals for new training and education programs to address two specific priority skills gaps identified in the report ‘Driving skills development and workforce training for the future MTP workforce'. 

  • Product development: identifying unmet market need and understanding the clinical context 
  • Commercialisation: ability to secure investment and/or industry collaboration - delivering a funding strategy

    In May 2021, the REDI initiative awarded Round Two contracts to Cicada Innovations and Biointelect Consortium to deliver these workforce skills gap training and education programs. 

    Cicada Innovations

    Cicada Innovations is Australia’s pioneer deep tech incubator and community, supporting startups and scaleups solving the world’s most pressing problems. Since 2000, Cicada Innovations helped 300+ companies raise $500M+ in funding, file 500+ patents and trademarks, launch 700+ innovations globally, and create thousands of jobs. Cicada has delivered numerous enterprise training programs and has also delivered the renowned Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program since 2015.

    Visit: Cicada Innovations

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    Biointelect is a strategic life sciences consultancy that operates across the entire development pathway – from early stage pre-clinical through to the in-market phase. Biointelect and consortium partners (ARCS Australia and Biodesign Australia) have a strong track record delivering impactful training and coaching to participants and enterprises around Australia and internationally with high commercialisation success.

    Visit: Biointelect website

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    LinkedIn: Biointelect Pty Ltd 

    Round One Announcement

    Round One called for proposals for new training and education programs to address two specific priority skills gaps identified in the REDI Skills Gap Analysis Interim Report.

    • Understanding of quality management systems and protocols; and
    • Strategic clinical trial design to meet regulatory requirements and payer needs.

    In April 2021, the REDI initiative awarded Round One contracts to ARCS Australia and SeerPharma to deliver these workforce skills gap training and education programs.

    ARCS Australia

    ARCS Australia will deliver training workshops in Melbourne and Sydney to address skills gaps relating to the strategic design of clinical trials to meet regulatory and payer needs for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

    ARCS Australia Ltd is a national, membership-based organisation focused on the development and growth of the healthcare sector. ARCS provides education, career pathways, professional development and advocacy to the sector. ARCS and its members are dedicated to improving the quality of life of healthcare consumers.

    Visit ARCS Australia for more information.

    Twitter: @ARCSAustralia

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    SeerPharma will deliver a range of programs online and in capital cities to address skills gaps relating to quality management systems and protocols.

    SeerPharma is a team of consultants that provide advice, training, software solutions from MasterControl, and contract labour resources to pharmaceutical, medical device and life science companies in the Asia-Pacific region, on matters of Quality Assurance and GMP compliance.

    Visit SeerPharma for more information.

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